Grounds Maintenance - From a small car-park at the back of an office, to an acre of mown grass. From a postage-stamp back-garden to the tree lined driveways and grounds of a large country house. We have the experience and qualifications to interpret the customers wishes and create and agree a landscape maintenance plan which will ensure a tidy and eye-catching landscape all year round that is easy to monitor. We have varying maintenace packages form 12 - 26 visits per year.


Home and Allotment Gardening - Our endeavours in Organic vegetable growing are well documented on the blog and we are often asked for advice from people keen to grow their own produce. We are always happy to oblige and if the need arises we can arrange to come in on a one-off basis or on a regular schedule. Maybe you need help to work through a problem or even just an extra pair of hands to get some heavy work done more quickly, or you have a crop to get picked before it spoils. Our team can help you out.


Garden Clear-ups - Sometimes it liteally is hard to see the wood for the trees. You are eager to plan out and design a garden, but there is just so much overgrown planting and rubbish that you can't even see where to begin. Maybe you've moved to a new house, own a house that a tenant has let return to nature, or taken over an office or yard with an unsightly 'garden' of litter riddled thorny shrubs. In a remarkably short space of time, we can come along and take the area in question back to a clean structure that you can work from. We'll be happy to advise as to the next step if required. Whatever happens next, the 'garden' won't be an embarrassing mess and will be far easier to maintain.


Fallen Tree Removal - It may be climate-change, but trees do seem to falling more regularly these days. The windy wet conditions over the last three or four winters have certainly played their part. We can respond quickly to a tree-fall and chop up and remove ( or not if you'd prefer the wood for your own fire) the obstruction. This may be in gardens, places of work or even on farms where the tree has broken stock fencing or obstructs tracks.