Window box and Interior Lanscape Installation and Maintenance - This area of landscaping has always been a favourite of mine. The difference that window boxes can make to the exterior of a drab building is extaordinary. With vibrant colours or just a mixture of evergreens, hard edges are softened, and a brightness is added to the facade with an effect that is not only felt outside. 

With tropical foliage plants properly installed and cared for, the environment of an office is markedly better with the plants natural photosynthetic action removing poisons from the atmosphere. Not only that, they then expel oxygen. We haven't even taken the aesthetic improvement into account yet. A properly designed foliage display will mean that the correct plant for shape and light requirement will be planted in the correct space and a maintenance schedule set up to ensure that the displays always look fresh and healthy. Maintenance packages vary from 40 visits a year for thirsty window box displays with no easy access to water to 12 times a year for those with evergreens and a self-watering system. Most interior maintenance packages are based around 26 visits per year but this is flexible depending on type of planting.